What is DoltLab?

DoltLab gets its name from the combination of Dolt and GitLab, because GitLab is the version of GitHub that you can host yourself and DoltLab is the version of DoltHub that you can host yourself.

Technically speaking, both DoltHub and DoltLab are Dolt database remote implementations, built from the ground up to provide an intuitive, pull-request style workflow for versioning and collaborating on data using a sleek, web-based GUI.

Both DoltHub and DoltLab allow users to host their public and private Dolt databases in unique namespaces where they can control who can access their databases and what operations they're allowed to perform.

Both DoltHub and DoltLab also enable streamlined collaboration on data with non-technical users, allowing them to create, modify, and review data changes without ever needing to leave the web-based GUI.

The primary difference between DoltHub and DoltLab is that DoltHub is hosted by us, and is accessible on the public internet, whereas DoltLab is hosted by you, usually not on the public internet, and can be tailored to comply with all of your team's data security policies.

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