Download at https://doltlab-releases.s3.amazonaws.com/linux/amd64/doltlab-v2.1.2.zip

DoltLab Features/Bug Fixes

  • Includes quality of life changes for the installer that make it easier to create basic DoltLab deployments. See https://github.com/dolthub/doltlab-issues/issues/82, and https://github.com/dolthub/doltlab-issues/issues/81.

  • Misc. bug fixes for multi-host DoltLab deployments, Enterprise only.

  • Fixed empty DoltLab homepage styling, https://github.com/dolthub/doltlab-issues/issues/83.

  • Closes Gmail SMTP server connection problem issue, https://github.com/dolthub/doltlab-issues/issues/85.

  • Persists generated passwords to a local .secrets directory generated by the installer and used by DoltLab.

DoltHub Features/Bug Fixes

  • Misc. UI design changes and bug fixes

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