Below you'll find the minimum recommended hardware needed to successfully install and operate a DoltLab instance.

You must have a host(s) running a supported operating system, hardware that meets or surpasses the minimum recommended hardware, the required networking configuration, and all dependencies installed the host(s) in order to run DoltLab.

Supported operating systems

DoltLab requires the following minimum system resources:

  • 4 CPU

  • 16 GB of memory

  • 300 GB of disk (DoltLab's container images alone require about 4 GBs of disk).

Networking requirements

DoltLab requires the following networking configuration:

  • The IP address or domain name of the host must be discoverable by the Dolt CLI and web browser.

  • Hosts must allow egress TCP connections.

  • The following ports must allow TCP connections:

    • 22, for ssh connections.

    • 80, for ingress HTTP connections.

    • 443 for ingress HTTPS connections, if DoltLab will use TLS.

    • 100, for ingress connections to DoltLab's remote data file server.

    • 50051, for ingress connections to DoltLab's remote API.

    • 4321, for ingress connections to DoltLab's file upload service API.


DoltLab requires the following dependencies:

curl unzip docker docker-compose amazon-ecr-credential-helper Access to an SMTP server, like

To help streamline dependency installation, we've created the following scripts for installing DoltLab's dependencies on supported distributions:

Once DoltLab's dependencies are installed, we recommend following the post-installation steps for Docker that will allow you to run docker commands without using sudo.

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