Getting Started

To run DoltLab Enterprise, you'll need a free version of DoltLab running first. The easiest way to do that is using an AWS EC2 host. This is covered in our Getting Started guide. Setting up DoltLab on a EC2 host takes less than 30 minutes.

Set Up Enterprise

Once you have a DoltLab up and running and have shell access to the host, you'll need Enterprise credentials. If you're interested in a free trial, please just let us know. Come by our Discord and just ask.

You need to run the installer with the Enterprise credentials to enable it. If you already have a DoltLab running, you need to stop it with, run the installer, and then start your new Enterprise configured DoltLab with

ubuntu@ip-10-2-0-24:~/doltlab$ ./installer --host= --enterprise-online-product-code=<foo>
ubuntu@ip-10-2-0-24:~/doltlab$ ./
[+] Running 7/7
  Container doltlab-doltlabenvoy-1           Started                      0.6s
  Container doltlab-doltlabdb-1              Started                      0.5s
  Container doltlab-doltlabfileserviceapi-1  Started                      0.8s
  Container doltlab-doltlabremoteapi-1       Started                      1.1s
  Container doltlab-doltlabapi-1             Started                      1.3s
  Container doltlab-doltlabgraphql-1         Started                      1.5s
  Container doltlab-doltlabui-1              Started                      1.7s

Hit your DoltLab to make sure it works:

You'll notice you have an Enterprise logo and the footer says "ENTERPRISE" in the version string. If you see those, your DoltLab Enterprise is working.

Enable Features

Most Enterprise features are enabled by passing arguments to the installer. To show off an Enterprise features, I'm going to give my DoltLab a custom logo.

As some of you know, DoltHub was initially Liquidata and the logo was pretty sick.

I'm going to make a DoltLab Enterprise instance that is Liquidata branded. Oh what could have been?

To do this I scp that logo to my DoltLab host.

$ scp ~/Downloads/ld-logo.png ubuntu@
ld-logo.png                                   100%   86KB 652.6KB/s   00:00

And then run the installer with the custom logo passed in.

ubuntu@ip-10-2-0-24:~/doltlab$ ./installer --host= --enterprise-online-product-code=<foo>

Then I start my instance and I get a new look and feel.

Again, most of the features are enabled using the installer, so get used to running that to change your running DoltLab.

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