Download at https://doltlab-releases.s3.amazonaws.com/linux/amd64/doltlab-v2.0.8.zip

DoltHub Features/Bug Fixes

  • Add database setting to automatically delete branch on merge.

  • Supports Operations API, fixes https://github.com/dolthub/dolthub-issues/issues/505.

  • Show all branches at a commit on graph, fixes https://github.com/dolthub/dolthub-issues/issues/523.

  • Allow users to request write access to a database, fixes https://github.com/dolthub/dolthub-issues/issues/504.

  • Fix incorrect pull request error when a pending/running merge job is outstanding.

  • Support secret for webhook validation, fixes https://github.com/dolthub/dolthub-issues/issues/506.

  • Display merge commit in pull request logs with link to commit, fixes https://github.com/dolthub/dolthub-issues/issues/531.

  • Misc. UI fixes.

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