Download at https://doltlab-releases.s3.amazonaws.com/linux/amd64/doltlab-v2.0.0.zip

DoltLab Features/Bug Fixes

  • NOT compatible with Dolt v1.24.0 and higher.

  • Adds support for DoltLab Enterprise Edition.

  • Adds support for SAML Single-Sign-On for DoltLab Enterprise.

Breaking Changes

This release disables the following features for non-enterprise customers:

  • Custom Automated Emails

  • Custom Logo

  • Custom Color Themes

  • Super Admin

DoltHub Features/Bug Fixes

  • Misc. mobile fixes.

  • Add diff comments on diff page and list on pull page.

  • Improve SQL API validation.

  • Conversation view on pull page, resolve conversation on pull and diff pages.

  • Diff comment UI fixes on diff page, fix cell ID not unique bug.

  • Add outdated comments on pull details pages.

  • Support query history for SQL editor session.

  • Collaborator and organization member search and misc. fixes.

  • Misc. fixes for breadcrumbs.

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