This page covers how to install and start DoltLab on a Linux host. Before you begin, be sure the host meets the minimum recommended hardware requirements, has the proper networking configuration, and all dependencies installed.

DoltLab is released as a single .zip file that contains everything you need to run it. Release notes for each release can be viewed here.

NOTE: We highly recommend installing (and upgrading to) the latest DoltLab version whenever possible.

Download and unzip the latest version of DoltLab with:

curl -LO
unzip -d doltlab
cd doltlab

Or, to install a specific version of DoltLab, run:

export DOLTLAB_VERSION=v2.1.1
unzip doltlab-${DOLTLAB_VERSION}.zip -d doltlab
cd doltlab

The contents of the resulting doltlab directory can vary depending on the version installed. The following instructions will refer to DoltLab versions >= v2.1.0 that contain the installer binary. For installation instructions for DoltLab <= 2.0.8, please see the pre-installer installation instructions.

Inside the doltlab directory you'll find the following binaries:

  • installer

  • smtp_connection_helper

The installer binary, is the primary interface for configuring a DoltLab instance. This tool will create all other assets DoltLab needs to run, based on the arguments you supply it.

The smtp_connection_helper binary can be used to help you troubleshoot any issues connecting your DoltLab instance to your existing SMTP server. This tool uses similar code to DoltLab's email service and sends a test email if the connection to the SMTP server is properly configured. The source code for the tool is available here and basic instructions for using the tool are here.

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