Linux pre-installer

This page covers how to install and start older versions of DoltLab, up to v2.0.8, on a Linux host. We highly recommend installing the latest version of DoltLab, as no updates or bug fixes are added to earlier releases.

Before you begin, be sure the host meets the minimum recommended hardware requirements, has the proper networking configuration, and all dependencies installed.

DoltLab is released as a single .zip file that contains everything you need to run it.

Download and unzip the latest version of DoltLab with:

export DOLTLAB_VERSION=v2.0.8
unzip doltlab-${DOLTLAB_VERSION}.zip -d doltlab
cd doltlab

Inside the resulting doltlab directory, you'll find the following items:

  • templates

  • envoy.tmpl

  • envoy-tls.tmpl

  • config_loader

  • gentokenenckey

  • send_doltlab_deployed_event

  • smtp_connection_helper

  • get_machine_id

  • gen_saml_key

  • gen_saml_cert





  • docker-compose.yaml

  • docker-compose-tls.yaml


  • prometheus.yaml

  • prometheus-alert.rules

  • alertmanager.yaml

templates contains email templates used by doltlabapi to send automated emails to users of your DoltLab instance. Used by DoltLab Enterprise only.

envoy.tmpl is an template file used to create the Envoy proxy configuration file called envoy.yaml.

envoy-tls.tmpl is included in DoltLab >= v1.0.6 and is used to create an envoy.yaml file that uses TLS.

gentokenenckey, short for "generate token encryption key" is a binary used to generate token encryption keys used by DoltLab. The code is available here.

config_loader is a binary used to process the admin-config.yaml file, if one exists. Enterprise only as of DoltLab >= v2.0.0.

send_doltlab_deployed_event is a binary that sends a single request to our metrics server, letting us track how many DoltLab instances get deployed each day. This information helps us properly fund and staff our DoltLab team. The source for this binary is here.

The smtp_connection_helper binary can be used to help you troubleshoot any issues connecting your DoltLab instance to your existing SMTP server. This tool uses similar code to DoltLab's email service and sends a test email if the connection to the SMTP server is properly configured. The source code for the tool is available here and basic instructions for using the tool are here.

get_machine_id is a binary used to determine the hardware ID of the DoltLab host. Used by DoltLab Enterprise only.

gen_saml_key is a binary used to generate a private key for configuring SAML single-sign-on. Used by DoltLab Enterprise only.

gen_saml_cert is a binary used to generate a signing certificate for SAML single-sign-on. Used by DoltLab Enterprise only. is a script that uses gen_saml_key and gen_saml_cert to create a signing certificate for SAML single-sign-on. Used by DoltLab Enterprise only. The script requires a single argument, the common name to use for the certificate. is a script available in DoltLab v1.0.0+. Prior to DoltLab v1.0.0, DoltLab used PostgreSQL as its database. But, starting with v1.0.0, DoltLab uses Dolt as its database. This script is used when upgrading from an older DoltLab instance to DoltLab v1.0.0 and will copy the data from the existing, older DoltLab instance into the new Dolt database backing DoltLab v1.0.0. Please see the guide for using this script to copy existing data during upgrade. is a script available in DoltLab v1.0.0+, useful for restoring DoltLab's Dolt server from a backup. is a script that will open a shell to your running DoltLab's database server. For DoltLab versions < v1.0.0, this database server is PostgreSQL. To use this script with those versions, supply the POSTGRES_PASSWORD value you set when starting DoltLab as the environment variable PGPASSWORD. For DoltLab > v1.0.0, supply DOLT_PASSWORD as an environment variable to this script. A successful connection will display a either a dolthubapi=# prompt or mysql> prompt.

docker-compose.yaml is a complete Docker Compose configuration file that will spin up all the services required to run DoltLab.

docker-compose-tls.yaml is included in DoltLab >= v1.0.6 and will spin up DoltLab using TLS. is a helper script designed to quickly and easily start DoltLab. See the following section for more information about how to use this script.

prometheus.yaml is a Prometheus configuration file that can be used for observing real-time DoltLab service metrics. Used for DoltLab Enterprise automated backups.

prometheus-alert.rules is an alert rules file used for sending emails to DoltLab admins in the event of a backup failure. Used for DoltLab Enterprise automated backups.

alertmanager.yaml is a AlertManager configuration file for sending email alerts to DoltLab admins based on Prometheus metrics. Used for DoltLab Enterprise automated backups.

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